[freestyle] Unicycle Blues

Hi everyone,
this is my new video :

I hope you enjoy.

Woah! That was amazing. I love your riding.

Thats crazy dude :astonished:

awesome balance!

Some of the best coasting I’ve ever seen. Loved how you went from forward to backwards coasting so fast and smoothly.

thats so good man, such a smooth style, the short cranks are rediculous! keep up the good work

thats crazy! really cool!

that has to be the best coasting ive ever seen! awesome dude!

Vraiment bon Artur! super fluide et tout. Est-ce que tu as réussi à faire un leg around en coast dans la position à 2:14… ça serait fou!

Extremely nice freestyle riding - NO HANDED STAND UP COASTING?

i decided to practise my french and try translate this emile, can you or someone else correct me?
Really good Artur! good flow and all. Is it ~~~~ to do the leg around coasting in the position at 2:14… That would be amazing!


thank you emile! it must be great being bilingual - again, amazing video artur!

You’ve got some really good coasting skills! Loved the scuffcoast with no hands. Awesome.

Sweet video! Everyone’s already commented on the coasting, so I’ll say that the 540 unispin really surprised me. I love your style, make more videos! :smiley:

I don’t like freestyle videos at all because it’s too artsy but this video I’m making an exception for but other than coasting I didn’t see anything else really good.

Really good though. I couldn’t do all of that. :smiley:

… Get a freaking life. The “I don’t like certain styles at all” … bullshit is seriously lame. Lets see a video put together from you. Spend a few dedicated years developing your style. just to be spit on by some kid.

Dude, I think that is the BEST freestyle video I have EVER seen. I’m just saying freestyle isn’t my slice of pie. Artur, you did a GREAT job, I want to see more from you. I wasn’t trying to sound like I’m better or anything AT ALL.

What is the trick at 1:20 and 2:00 called? It’s the gliding with your laces on the back of the tire.

cool combination of riding style and music and colour palette. fitted really good. your riding is inspiring to me, I´m newish to freestyle. how short are your cranks and how come u use odysseys (aren´t they?) for freestyle?

Very cool. The one-footed standup coasting is incredible. :slight_smile: