Freestyle Unicycle (black signature) For Sale


My Black Signature is still for sale!

Technically its a 500mm signature painted black, but here are the details:

Saddle: Koxx-One Luxury
Frame: 500mm Signature (black paint) (also there is a 400mm silver one available)
Seatpost: K1 reinforced black
Hub: K1 Reinforced
Cranks: K1 90mm Alu Light ISIS
Pedals: Random black plastic pedals
Rim: K1 freestyle gold
Tire: 20-1.95 KENDA Kikzumbut black

You can ask your questions via email:

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C’mon guys, noone needs this beauty?

I’d love to have it but, the postage would kill me. That and, I weigh over 200lbs and I’ve heard bad things about the frame strength on the K1 Sig freestyle.


Well just tell me how much the postage would be, and we could discuss a price thats ok for both of us.
Frame strength: Yes you are right, this one broke a year ago, and then I made it fixed by professionals, then repainted, and since then, I had no problem with it. So its reinforced now :wink: