freestyle uni

is a Torker, Unistar LX good for freestyle riding?

It’s okay, but I reccomend the Nimbus II or Nimbus X or the Yuni Freestyle on

Yes, I’ve tried one out and it felt good. A very solid and decent unicycle at a great price! Are you a new rider?


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Torker Unistar LX 24" Is the best ever~~ very very the best

If you are really looking for a good freestyle unicycle, one of the best (at least that is somewhat affordable) is something based on the semcycle XL longneck. It has a very nice flat crown that is close to the tire, making many freestyle skills much easier. It also has an extended neck, which keeps the seatpost clamp out of the way. While I have never owned a torker, so I don’t know how they compare, I really really like my semcycle XL longneck, and would recomend it to anyone wanting a good frestyle unicycle.

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'cept that freestyle uni’s are generally 20". So if you’re going into freestyle, and want a cheap and good freestyle uni, go for the Torker LX 20".