Freestyle Uni - The parts I want

Here they are from top to bottom

Saddle - Red



Tire - Blue:

Tube 20x2.125:

Wheelset - Red:

Crank Arms - 114mm:

Dust Caps - Blue:

Pedals - Blue:

How would that turn out?


why dont you just buy a good fre-style uni instead of all seperate parts ?

sounds good, you might want to get plastic pedals.

probably because he wants all those different colors

looks pretty good, but I would recomend plastic pedals since at least 95% of the time, grip will not be an issue, and they will hurt alot less (not to mention being able to practice in a gym) also, a higher quality wheel would not be a bad idea; some tricks put a fair amount of stress on it. Those blue dust caps were out of stock a few days ago (I tried to order a pair–ended up changing to black ones, but they might be in stock now)

overall it looks like an awsome uni!

im doin the same thing



wheel- blue




This would probably end up being a christmas gift that I would have to peice out between multiple people looking for something to buy for me. How is that saddle for freestyle? Anybody use it, or think one is better? I just saw semcycle, good color, and thought it should be good


Looks good, but I would get a different seat (KH gel or LX) and a hookworm tire.

well heres what i rekon, as for the pedals definatel go for plastic, u can use them in more places, easier on legs, will hold up fine to the relatively low stress caused by freestyle riding. As for the rim, yes get a strong rim because when doing seartain tricks the wheel is subject to taco quite easily. And for the frames it is entirely up to you but word on the street is that nimbus 2 style frames are better for freestyle because you are able to sorta put your foot into the crown (sorta) and push out onto the top part of the upward tubes of the fork and therefore u have more control and your foot wont slip. hope this helps

its not like differnt colors are gonna give your ni better perfmormance…

Nimbus II frame is better than the sem longneck? Can anyone back that up?


I think the longneck is pretty. good

save pedals, I have teh same uni you do, except the seat and rim are blue.

The dust caps are definitely worth it, but the bike euro cranks don’t fit well onto the UDC hub. Check out Qu-ax or something instead.

I used to use a KH seat, but after a bit of getting used to it, the Sem is fine now. If you care about comfort or plan to ride far at all, get a KH though :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sem Longneck / primo 2.1" combo is absolutely sweet, you will have one hell of a manoeuverable uni, pirouettes are a breeze, even on pavement. Jumping sucks though.

Also, if you go for 110mm cranks, and you’re used to 125s, you’ll find idling makes your legs a lot more tired than before, and that you lose a bit of control until you get used to them.

I’m rockin’ the 110mm’s, and my cruising speed has definitely increased, though.

hope this helps!

the long leck is ment to be better as the seat clapm does not get in the way

flyer, do you have a pic of your uni? Also, which cranks do you have? I have no idea what is good, whats cottered and cotterless?


Sorry for double post, but i just realized this will be cheaper than the hookworm. IS the hookworm better somehow? I think this would look a lot cooler


I have bike euro cranks. They don’t fit that well. :frowning:

I get by though, no major problems. One of my friends has a UDC hubbed 29’er, and the Qu-Ax cranks go all the way onto the axle. That’s why I suggest them.

The ‘wall’ and ‘hookworm’ tire preference is just that - preference. The hookworm is a higher psi tire, although I’ve read that the primo has a nicer feel. Never having tried the hookworm I can’t really say. I got the primo cause it comes in blue. :smiley:

as for a picture of my uni…


That uni looks awesome, I wish I could see what mine would look like before hand with the different color. I think those primo pedals would look cool and i like grip because sometimes my shoes get wet and that really annoys me with pastic pedals.


I have blue primo tenderizer pedals. I like them–for muni. They are big and a little heavy, but grippy.

If you dont mind giving up the blue pedal color, go for odesey twisted pc plastic pedals, very grippy, and soft plastic.