Freestyle uni 20" or 24"

Hey all I am looking to get another uni to practice a little Freestyle this winter and I noticed at UDC all the UNIs listed in freestyle are 20" but under 24" they also list a Nimbus X 24" freestyle.
So 20" or 24" that is the question?

Most people will say a 20" is best for feestyle, since the best freestylers al ride 20".

But theres also exceptions, a guy on these forums ride freestyle on a 24" and does lvl. 8 stuff and some very advanced moves like backwards coasting.

Actually, I have managed everything on level ten on my 24" unicycle, although I can only land side ride with the transitions about one in a hundred times.

Although you can learn most freestyle tricks on a 24", if you’re buying a unicycle specifically for freestyle, a 20" is almost certainly better, unless you’re extremely tall.

Trend is 20’

Since most uni’s made for freestyle are 20’, most people just buy those if they are looking for a quality 20’. Since I’ve used a 20’ for freestyle my whole life, I never really thought about a 24’ being a freestyle uni, or anything else over 20 as a freestyle. I suppose if someone grew up using a 24’ as a freestyle uni, then they’d get really good at it. But I think 20’ has better control, that’s the reason they’re more popular.

I think freestyle was originally done (as in, back in the 80’s when it was being started) on 24" wheels, but then later was found to be much easier on 20" wheels. so yes, I recommend a 20".

she was a daaaay tripper, a one way ticket, yeah…it took me soooo long to find out, and I found out.

plus with a 20" you aren’t stuck with using a maxxis hookworm, and you can slap a primo ‘the wall’ on there. Nice tire, that.