Freestyle tyre

I want a new freestyle tyre.

Which should I choose, Primo The Wall, HookWoorm or Primo V-Monster

I am going to use it both indoors and outdoors.

Is there no opinions on this???

What frame do you have? I like the 2.1" Primo The Wall tire. I like the extra volume of the larger tire, but the 2.1" tire won’t fit in all frames. For example, the 2.1" tire won’t fit in a Miyata frame.

The other consideration is color. What color would look best with your uni. Black tires generally aren’t good for indoor freestyle because they can leave black marks on the floor when doing spins and tight turns. only have primo the wall in black and khakhi-green. I have a voltige with a 20x2.0 now, it is a bit of space on the sides now.

With the tyre I have now, I have 8-9 mm side clearance on each side. The frame is about 62 mm wide where the tyre goes. Does anyone have the measures of the Primo The Wall tyre.


My Primo “The Wall” 2.1 inch tire is 51.5 mm wide.

That works out to 2.03 inches. So much for truth in tire labeling. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the width of the rim have a lot to do with the actual dimensions of the tire? And besides, that’s a lot closer then a lot of tires get the truth.


I did put a smiley after my comment. :slight_smile:
However, it would be nice if the size on the tire more closely matched the size of the tire in actual use. It would also be nice if all tire manufacturers would agree to measure their tires the same way so that a 2.1" tire from company A will be the same as a 2.1" tire from company B.