Freestyle tricks

Hi does anyone have some easy freestyle tricks i could try and learn, I’ve been going by the IUF skill levels so far but have been jumping back and forth between levels (everything on level one and two 99% on level three some one level four some on level five). I’m working on my wheel-walks and one foot riding and can do crank wraps on both sides. I can hop of spin the unicycle (180 unispin) but can’t land it. any help or easy tricks i could do would help

Hey, here you can find all the IUF Skill Levels tricks with their videos:

Maybe this will help you!!!

Good luck!

Got a little question about freestyle tricks of my own.

There’s this little problem I have. I can get a new uni! :smiley: but . . . I don’t know what to get : ( because I want to do freestyle tricks, but I also really like muni. I just can’t get out to do muni much. I don’t really like trials style tricks very much. : / though I will be hopping around a little I’m sure.

I don’t know whether to get a 20" nimbus X, a 26" muni, or compromise and do some tricks on a 24" muni. What type of freestyle tricks can you pull off on a 24"? crab walk? gliding? wheel walking, etc. Is it worth the extra difficulty, or should I just get a 20" if I’m going to learn that style of trick? I must say, I REALLY like the feel of a 24" muni. and I don’t particularly like the way a small wheel feels. : / what to do, what to do

ya get the nimbus X, but maybe upgrade to a hookworkm tire (bit of a larger volume than the kenda kikazumbut if i remeber right and maybe upgrade to some 110 moments. thats just my opinion though. Darren Bedford might also be able to help you out.

thank you for that link, but i already have that list:P sorry.

ähmm the freestyle tricks are mostly all much harder on the 24", only tricks like wheel walk are easier. but if you are up to learn the tricks, even if they are harder on the 24", it will maybe work… but don´t forget that some tricks are not possible on the 24" ,for example cross over!

if i were you, i would get a 20" freestyle uni and a muni, the two things are very hard to combine in one wheel :wink: