I was wondering if there was any difference between a trials frame and a freestyle frame. I realize that trials frames have alot more clearance but other than that is there really a difference?

wider, shorter neck

and trials are usualy stronger and have magura mounts
and 42mm bearing holders and wider

so would it be completely idiotic to find a splined freestyle uni?

Not at all. You can make a really nice splined freestyle uni.

Somebody on here has made on with a Koxx hub/crankset and it turned out really nicely.

a blessing for jerrick to make a comment on a thread that I made.

You wont find a STOCK splined freestyle uni. Spencer made a custom freestyle/street splined uni with koxx 110 cranks, koxx hub, now he has a 20g tire, oddesy 7ka rim, LX plastics, and a custom frame that evan made.

technically, evan “made” the whole uni. spencer bought it from him. I believe he is using his bedford frame on it right now.

Yeah, Evan paid a whole bunch of money and put it together and then wanted money so I paid really little for it and now it’s mine:)

I think I remember seeing in the koxx roadtrip freestyle vid, the koxx freestyle riders were riding on splined cranks.

I think that a splined freestyle unicycle is actually rather dumb, because stress isn’t put on the hub of a unicycle while performing freestyle that would need a splined, and it adds weight.

Aint the K1 signiture splined? A splined freestyle type uni is probaly what is best for street anyways in most cases unless your goin real big. My next uni will be
-Alex Dm24 rim-$19(tripple walled!)
-Nimbue X frame-$45
-KH moment hub/crank set-$136
-Odyssey twisted pc-$11
-Kenda K-Rad tyre-$10 at wally world
-KH fusion street saddle with freestyle bumper-$54
I might use a slick fat tyre but I dunno. and this is me not trying to be a cheapwad!