Freestyle/ Trials seats

Do freestyler’s usually have air seats? (unispins and other tricks?)) how about trials?

I know Muni-ists do but…

Generally it’s harder to grab the seat with an air conversion. The only person who uses an airseat for freestyle that I know is my dad. But he does almost nothing seat out, so it’s much less of a problem for him.

For trials, for me it’s hard to grab the seat with air, so I switched to neoprene. I cant really speak for others in this field.

I agree with max, me and my friends in ottawa all agree that for trials stuff, a standard Miyata (old style) with a CF base is the best! Although, Jeff doesn’t feel the same way. I think it’s personal preference. I think the KH seat might be a bit bulky to be really good, but if you d’ont want to get the CF base, and c’ant find an old miyata, the KH would be good. Kris Uses an airseat on his trials uni, doesn’t he?

oh well, and for freestyle, just standard miyatas are good.


yeah, I think he does, but he rides it so much I think he almost has to…