[freestyle] think of life without uni

Here’s my first personnal freestyle/flat vidéo:

Hope you enjoy it :wink:

Well done! I would like to learn riding with out that my feet is on pedals. I’m jealous

Awesome, finally a freestyle vid, i’ve been waiting :roll_eyes:

Good job on riding, editing and filming, smooth gliding, have you tried standup downhill glide?

Nice job on the 540 too, it motivated me to see a freestyle rider land it, i’ll go out and do it tomorrow :sunglasses:

Keep it up!

I tried stand’up gliding and I can do a few meters. You’ll probably see one in my next vid :slight_smile: I prefer to wait and have it clearly for a video.

The 540 in the vidéo was the first I landed (and it was the only one because I landed it yesterday and didn’t try after :smiley: )

here’s the vimeo link: http://vimeo.com/7579178

That was cool. Nice tricks, and some very smooth transitions. Really enjoyed the music :slight_smile:

Nice video. Very refreshing to see something a little different. Pretty smooth on your tricks.

And i really like the clip of you holding the camera for your glide, it was really fun :slight_smile:

edit: what a horrible life it would be without uni.

Hey that was pretty nice.

Well done.