[Freestyle] Style Libre à Paris V2

Hello there

Here’s my latest freestyle video

It’s a short version of the original video Style libre à Paris on Vimeo shot two years ago in Paris but it was a bit too long!


Great video, nice bit of coasting :slight_smile:

awesome! can you please post more freestyle videos?

Here’s a video i like :

I thought i wouldn’t like a led zeppelin remix but this one is awesome! That’s how i discovered gramatik, and then used it for my video.
I’ll do a new personal video in a few days and in a few weeks, i’ll probably do a video with tim desmet now that i live in belgium :slight_smile:

See you guys later and subscribe if you want to see the videos to come :wink:


some great skills and inspiring, got so much to learn once i get my unicycle!

That was damn cool. Those slow coasts look sooo difficult.