Freestyle - sponsorship request

This is my sponsorship request video for

Please comment, i put a lot of effort into this video :slight_smile:

Lol omg, 1’ ultimate wheel, wdf!?

Wide range of skills, good luck with the sponsorship.

I wouldn’t give you the sponsorship… but good luck anyway.

Nice, you seem pretty stable in the tricks you do.

Cool back coasting. I also really thought that dice trick was cool :slight_smile:

Sweet video though.

Nice video. It was cool to see something unusual. I hope you get the sponsorship. Oh, and that bike must look weird with that saddle in front of the handlebars when ridden the normal way. :slight_smile:


UDC UK: Sponsor this man!

That was great! Good luck with the sponsorship :).

I dont even dream of riding THAT good!

You’re not suppose to notice the seat :stuck_out_tongue: