Freestyle skills?????

I have decided that I would like to start to learn freestyle. What skills or tricks should I learn first. I can already hop in one place and up about 7 3/4 inches, I can also do one footed somewhat. Could you just tell me what skills I should learn, because i’m sure that by learning one skill it will help you with another.



Hmmm, how about idling, backwards, one footed idling, seat out in front, seat out in back, and stomach on seat. Those are some you could probably learn pretty easily at your level (in no particular order).

I recommend learning to wheel walk as soon as possible. It’s quite hard, but very satisfying once you’ve got it. And (despite what someone else said in another thread about wheel walking not being an interesting trick) for me, wheel walking is the one
thing that never fails to elicit a gasp from a non-unicyclist. Or, indeed, a scream as I crash into them.


Although I wouldnt work too hard on stomach on seat, I find that it both ugly and unfortable. I dont think I have done it except to demonstrate to people what it is since I passed level 3.

I’ve been working on stomach on seat lately, and I do find it really annoying. However, it is pretty satisfying to be able to steer with your stomach on the seat. Also, I’m learning seat in front riding now, and it’s not so hard since I can do stomach on seat fairly well.

Chin on seat looks a lot better than stomach on seat. I can’t see doing stomach on seat in a freestyle performance - it just looks so ugly. But to be able to do chin on seat you have to first learn stomach on seat. One of these days I’m going to learn chin on seat. I can do seat out front no hands, so now I just have to learn how to get lower so my chin can get on the seat. But even chin on seat looks a bit dorky.

As for learning freestyle skills. Just work your way through the skill levels.
The skills in the skill levels progress in difficulty so it’s a good gauge for giving you ideas on what skills to try next. The skill levels list is not a complete list of possible skills. There are many skills that are not listed in the skill levels. For other skills check the standard skills list. The point values for the various skills will give you and idea for the difficulty for each skill (but only a vague idea). The standard skills list is in the USA Rulebook.