Freestyle Shoes

I only ever ride the 36" wheel with 5.10 Freeride shoes, now. Once or twice a year I dust of the freestyle uni and if I use the shoes that I used to use when I was still doing it regularly, I feel like they are insecure and slip of the pedals too easily.

So, I’m looking for an indoor shoe, with similar pedal grip than the 5.10 Freeride. The only thread I found about this is from 2004.

Are you looking for something with a softer, more flexible sole? The 5.10 Line King might be a good choice. Will you need non-marring soles for gym use? I think the Line King has the white stealth rubber as an option. I don’t have these shoes, but they seem like a good freestyle shoe. Maybe someone who has tried them will chime in.

For freestyle you don’t have pinned pedals which gives you less grip than you may be used to on you 36er. I understand, that you want to compensate this with better shoes. But: you can gain grip not only from you shoes but also from your pedals! There are good pedals with rubber or grip tape surface like those, those, those or those. And the good thing is: they’re less expensive than 5.10s.
Maybe 5.10s could be too sticky for gliding or ww-1ft.

P.S.: I ride freestyle with soft soled 20€ sneakers and Qu-Ax Cross pedals.

Yes, that one. The 5.10 are great on the freestyle pedals, but not really appropriate for indoor use (too clunky, black soles).

So far I’ve been riding the white Myata pedals, great with the 5.10, suck with my other shoes. I have a pair of the Qu-ax freestyle, they are just too tiny.

These look promising. I just cannot find any information on how wide they are.

I wear Line Kings for road riding, and like them a lot. Yes, they have a white sole, and the rubber is grippy like other 5-10s. Mine are high-top, which might not be ideal for freestyle. (These were originally intended for slackline use, hence the ankle support.) Not sure if they have a low top model.

I have a pair of Five Ten Spitfire, they’re “dirt” shoes and the soles are non marking and more flexible than the mountain bike shoes.

If you’re in the US, you can often pick pre-2016 at good prices either on their website, or on Amazon.

They don’t.