Freestyle rims

well i’ve finally put togeather my freestyle uni

-Miyata air seat withoot handle
-miyata seatpost
-bedford 3 bolt clamp
-bedford 20" frame in blue
-suzue hub in blue
-uhhh spokes ans spoke nipples
-primo the wall tyre (white)
-5" cranks
-2 bedford crank arm nuts
-20x20mm rim stip
-plastic miyata pedals

But i need a rim! 36 hols perhaps, any suggestions

also if you have any ideas concerns aboot this set up please let me know

Unisipn did you happen to buy any of thoes parts yet, or is that just your shopping list.

If you want a sweet red unicycle for probably less money than you are going to pay for that one. AccordNSX has one that he has been trying to get rid of for a while. Its a 100% qulity ride. Also You would be helping out a fellow rider who has decided that freestyle is not for him get back into trials and Muni.

Talk to accord about it if you are at all interested in it. He is a really cool guy and might be able to help you out.


Here is a link to it…

yeah help yourself and a brother out and buy Accords at a realy good price now.

if your going for a 36 hole, the sun rhynolite is a great rim. very light and strong. otherwise Odessey hazard lite’s are good, so are sun BFR’s and Primo Hula hoops should be good. all these come in 36 hole varients. Im still using a Peregrine mad Max rim, we got 4 of them for $20 each, they were usually 60 at the time, that’s held up well, but dont know if they make em anymore.

hmmm $386 canadian + American shipping from florda

-miyata seat + Seat post $70 CDN
-20" tube $4.00
-post clamp $9.00
-frame $50
-Suzue hub $50
-Ryhnolite XL rim $52
-cranks $12.50
-Spokes + Services $50
-Rim strip $2
-pedals $12

$311.50 + Canadian Shipping from toronto

thats $74.50 in savings!!!

talk to the man first before you order anything…

your also forgeting a tire, bearings, and possibly crank arm nuts.

dont forget the sweet paint job.if you like red of course

Dude- 74 Lunies, Canadian pesos, Maple-Backs- how does that compare to the glorious candy-apple redness of AccordNSX’s pimp cycle? (hey man… he’s get’n desperate for the cash- I bet you could stick him with shipping… just a thought)


i have a primo hula hoop rim on my freestyle uni and its as solid as a rock,
and withstands daily hopping on tyre, standup hopping, mount from standing on wheel, and other rim bending tricks.

It’s made of top of the line stuff, at an awesome price as well. Not to mention all the custom powdercoating that was done to it… You really should consider this if you want a freestyle.
Let me know? :thinking:

Tyre $23, Bearings $24 CA nuts $2 which brings us to $360.50

$25.50 in savings… ahhhh desicions killing me!

man i like that red… i like how the reds over the chrome creating the red chrome

Matching frame, rim, and hub.