freestyle progress/unicycle optimisation.

just recently i got decent pedals and shorter cranks for my freestyle unicycle, pumped the tyre up a bit more and let myself loose on the floor.

i have to say that i never thought that changing my unicycle a little bit would make so much diference.

i still can’t stand up wheelwalk but i can nearly pirrouete now, and my transitions into seat drag and gliding are starting to happen.

i kind of though that unispins would be harder with short cranks but it turns out i was wrong.

also when juggling on the unicycle the 110mm cranks make everything much easier and more controlled.

i’ve been planning to put some pedal pins inthe crown to make standup esier and then cut some of the foam out of the seat to make it thinner (kh seat far too fat to grab onto confortably)
and the seat post clamp i have has too many sharp edges.

one day i may get a frame with lower tyre clearance, but i think that would be a bit obsessive.

its nice to get “free” extra skill points by upgrading my unicycle, but i suspect that only minimal improvements can be had without good old fashioned practice.