Freestyle on a Tightrope

I’m a freestyle rider but I havn’t been able to put my trials down recently. I’ve been riding skinnys for seven weeks and I think I’ve got pretty good :D.

My dad made a tightrope, and i’ve been practising alot! (mainly because im on study leave and have become an expert at procrastination)


Seat drop

Stand-still thing Almsot kicked tim xD

I can wheel walk all the way across!!

And just an hour ago and stand up wheel walked across :smiley:

My friend filmed it and put it on facebook (sorry if you dotn have facebook and cant view it)

Im pretty happy 'bout it all :smiley:

:open_mouth: awesome! haha, i loved the video too, you’d make a good trials rider if you werent so scared of jumping
Oh, and i bet if you put 10 minutes in you could learn the jump to stand up, i got it on my second attempt (the jump) and cant even stand up wheelwalk :roll_eyes:

Wow! Thats awsome skills! I’ll watch the video later gotta go to school soon.

“Video unavailable” on Facebook. But the pictures prove awesome skills. Kudos to you!

Yeah. Please fix it as I’m really interested in watching it. I tend to have a similar relationship with riding. Like freestyle but also like skinnies and everything about trials except the lack of control I feel while jumping. It happens too fast and feels like a gamble.

Can you ride your freestyle on the tightrope too?

Well its about time someone got out the ropes around here! That looks pretty tough I gotta say. Keep up the good work. :wink:

Thats sweet! Third picture is definitly my favorite. :slight_smile:

My friends put it on Picasa, Much worse quality but its proof! I did go all the way across it, but when i got to the platform i didnt know what to do to so i jumped off.

I would have liked if the camera was a little back but regardless it’s way cool!

Just tried it, Its a lot more difficult but i can ride all the way across. havn’t tried any tricks yet.

Its also a lot more dangerous because its much harder to tell when the wheels about to slip off and you need to bail. Thats why im posting now, letting my bruised foot rest. :smiley:

You hav got some pretty awesome skillz! :slight_smile: