Freestyle Nimbus Tutti Fruity 20"

Anyone familiar with this uni?

Just wondering!

I don’t have direct experience with that unicycle model but I have one that’s similar. It strikes me as an odd “tweener”. It has pedal, rim, and crank upgrades over a Club model but still has a cotterless hub unsuitable for higher hopping. I got mine cheap and it’s a decent unicycle but I would think it would be better to either save money and get the Club for basic riding or spend more on a Nimbus II (or better) for more rigorous riding.

I haven’t seen that one in person let alone ride one but like a lot of UDC models it’s a collection of parts that many would be familiar with. The biggest negative point is the cotterless (aka “square taper”) crank/hub interface, which isn’t nearly as strong an ISIS (“splined”) interface. Given a mix of a heavy rider and/or rough riding use, it might eventually break. Or it might not, and it isn’t the end of the world if it does.

It has a tried-and-true steel Nimbus II frame, been around forever, where on fancier unicycles the frame would be aluminum. It’s a difference of few ounces of weight, not make or break since 20" frames are pretty small to start with. The rim and tire look like a step up from most entry-level unicycles and they’re probably the best things about it. I have a similar tire on the 20" that I practice skills on, a CST Operative tire in my case, and it’s a nice size and style for riding on real-world pavement with cracks and gaps and all that.

It’s a reasonable beginner’s unicycle for the price, a little fancier than what a lot of us learned on. It has its limitations but I don’t see any deal-breakers. It looks like a decent buy at the sale price. HTH

(Not disagreeing with waaalrus who posted while I was typing. Good comments from him.)