Freestyle: Nimbus Eclipse vs Equinox?

I’m seriously not just sitting around here with money to blow, but one of the things I want to add to my “stable” is a freestyle uni. I’ve been doing some practicing on various freestyle skills on my current Gremlin (Nimbus Trials) and I’m toying with the idea of getting a lighter uni for pirouettes, wheelwalking, etc.

The obvious choices seem to the the Nimbus Eclipse and Equinox, which seem to have a big advantage over many other freestyle unis because they’re both ISIS. Note that I’m talking about the freestyle Equinox, not the street variant.

I immediately gravitate toward the Eclipse because I have a huge thing for white unicycles. That thing is utterly gorgeous and super light. I know white tires are ideal for indoor riding as well.

I’ve heard talk of the Equinox being the Eclipse’s bigger brother. I can tell that it’s wider and can accept a bigger tire, but other than that it appears nearly identical. Sadly, the black doesn’t do a lot fo rme.

So, for those who have ridden one or both: What advantages, if any, does the Equinox have over the Eclipse? At $30, the price difference is negligible, but I hate to think I’d be getting the lesser model simply because I was infatuated with its appearance.

(which I am)

Would I be losing out on anything if I got the Eclipse instead of the Equinox? Or should I just go with my gut and go for white?


How much do you weigh and how rough do you expect to be on it? I’ve seen too many aluminum spindle hubs bust to consider buying one myself. If you’re relatively light or need to save that extra weight because you’re competing and you expect to replace wheelsets from time to time that’s fine. The main difference between Eclipse and Equinox frames is the bearing spacing (92mm and 100mm) respectively. Your current unicycle is 100mm so if you get the Equinox you could switch wheels if you wanted. These days new 92mm hubs are relatively rare, at least in the US. You don’t have many frame choices with that geometry. I’ve had two Equinox frames (one broke) and like it overall. If I were you I would have a new 20" wheel built with a CrMo spindle hub. You could use your current frame for a while and if you find yourself liking the setup you could get an aluminum frame to save weight and the time it takes to switch wheels.

Good insight, thanks. I’m a pretty little guy (5’7" 135lbs) and I don’t anticipate doing much heavy impact stuff like drops. I’ll keep that for my current 20". Good idea on the wheel building too.