Freestyle movie

hello… someone asked for more danish videoes, so here you are…
It’s our first video… the video is filmed with digital cameras, so the quality isn’t very good, hope you like it anyway.

Cool! that was really good!

Awsome for your first video! It’s awsome for any video!:smiley:
I suck at freestyle.:frowning:

man, i wish i had people to unicycle with… anyway, that was pretty sweet. freestyle has to be my favorite style to watch.

they that was pretty cool. are any of those people coming to tcuc?

That was really really good! Nice job!

No, im pretty sure that none of the people in the video is going to tcuc this year, but katia was there in the easter '05 and nanna and I in february same year…

Nice video! That apple looked delicious :slight_smile:


nice. the swedish ladies. why dont make a trial freestile video with boys and girls?


Ha ha… Svenskere, det er lige hvad i er!!!

awesome step for freestyle. i love it. and id date any of you.

Yes! More freestyle! :smiley: Cool music too :slight_smile:

definitly me too!

those girls rox!