Freestyle Mania Two (a freestyle vid of me)

I just made a neat vid of some freestyle tricks I learned recently along with the oldies but goodies. Check it out at It’s the last one in the gallery.

good vid tyler for freestyle but you need a cameraman so the camera isnt just in one spot all the time.

comments anyone??

I’m going to have to hurry up and get the 1-foot wheel walking thing figured out so you won’t be gooder than me. :slight_smile: You may get that skill figured out before I do.

Cool stuff dude. Have someone in your family tape you up close.

hehe, I’m gooder than you. I wish I were at Moab. Shit, I’m gonna go die. bye.

Yea, I should have an up close tape. I thinkk I’ll try to do that today if the rain lets up. :frowning: Anyway, thanks for the input!

you gots some skill. but now you need a camera man, because despite the skill, the lack of movement of the camera made it a little boring.