freestyle instructional books and videos

I am looking for instructional info for freestyle unicycling. What books or videos do you recommend? Is anything available on DVD?

I am looking for my own use as well as for use in a beginners unicycling class that I hope to be teaching in mid-february. The potential class will be listed in the catalogue for the lifetime learning section of a community college. If it gets 9 people to sign up, I’ll be doing the class. I thought it would be good to show some video to the class to inspire them and to help them see the potential of the sport.

A while back I found some Japanese (I believe) freestyle competition clips on the internet and I was amazed. I haven’t been able to fine them since. Any good vids available for freestyle on the internet?

I mentioned books also, videos are great, but a well written book would be very helpful too.


Maybe you were refering to this link ? The riding is amazing.

Well the japanese clips should inspire them, i would recommend the video one wheel no limit for tricks and to show people how to learn, the music is really off putting though ( sorry for the people that chose the music )


after watching those videos, I officially stink at Freestyle, Those riders are amazing!!! it will take me years to get that get good if ever.

Thyanks, that is the link I needed. That stuff is amazing! It is pretty humbling to see how much you don’t know!

Now are they more thoughts on the instructional side?


1WNL is pretty advanced for teaching beginners because it minimizes beginning skills.’s learning video is actually pretty good for teaching. 1WNL is very inspirational, though, and a really good catalog of neat things to work on and towards. Mike King’s video, though MUni oriented, shows a lot of “just riding” and can be helpful. Universe, of course, turns on a lot of kids (mostly to trials though!), and Dan Heaton has some really nice freestyle in a middle section.

I had problems with the links to the videos but these alternative ones work ok for me:


Thanks all for the help.

Now for some technical computer help.
I tried to download some of the Japanese clips to my computer so i could put together a CD to show others but I was unable to do a “Save target as” onto my hard drive. Am I doing something wrong or are the clips set up so I can’t download them?


I managed to save them to my hard drive. If you can’t get it worked out, perhaps I could email them. this thread is where I found the link that I posted earlier, and one post gives some tips for downloading the clips. I am not sure what exactly I did, some files didn’t seem to cooperate the same as other ones. It is do-able.