Freestyle help!

some weeks ago I broke my kneecap, so i decided to stop making street and flat and ride some “calm” stuff, basically freestyle. I want to buy some parts to do that, like cranks and frame ut i need advices from people who ride freestyle.

i’m wonder what’s the ideal crank and frame length,
i was thinking of 90mm for cranks and 400-500mm for frame, I’m 1.91m tall, so please tell me our points of view;):wink:

thanks a lot


Well, I’m 1.89m tall and have been focusing on freestyle for the past few months. While it can certainly be a bit safer than other riding styles I wound’t say it has to be calm.

Either a 400mm or 500mm frame will work well. I could ride a 500mm frame with my 114mm cranks but the seat clamp on my 400mm doesn’t seem to get in the way at all. Honestly I don’t even think there are that many tricks where a 300mm frame would be a problem.

Crank length is a preference, and it depends on what you like to do. 90mm is a popular length among good freestylers and can make for smooth spins and turns but if you aren’t used to it you might prefer to start with something a little longer. 110mm or at least 100mm should save you some grief when losing control while learning new tricks. As your fundamental balance improves you can use shorter cranks as you no longer need leverage to input control. Maybe buy a set of cheap cranks in one of those sizes and then save your money for better cranks when you eventually go shorter. Though even cheap ISIS cranks can last a long time on a freestyle uni.