Freestyle frames!!!

Wich frame is better for freestyle unicycling???

We can make two groups, the ones that only come with the uni (like dm ringmaster) and the other ones that you can also be purchased like a spare.

I found second group more interesting so would like you to focus on those that can be purchased separately!!!

I have found those on

Paul Wyganowski Price: $270
Semcycle XL 20-inch Long Neck Price: $65.00
Semcycle XL 20-inch Frame Price: $52.00
Yuni Frame (Nimbus II) Price: $40.00
Torker unicycle frame Price: $30.00

I have Yuni one and i would like to learn stand up style tricks, so the question is assumig Paul Wyganowski frames too expensive do you think upgrading my yuni one into a Semcycle XL or even a Semcycle XL 20-inch Long Neck is necesaire or the yuni one is good enough?

How importat is the top tire-frame clearance???

(Yuni clearance: 2,5 cm approx)


From what I’ve heard (not owning one myself), the Semcycle XL long neck is the preferred freestyle frame. Because it has a longer neck, the seat post clamp is higher, so won’t hit your legs as often. There was a discussion about this before; you might be able to find the thread with the search function.
Good luck!

The best frame for freestyle is definetly the Wyganowski. Yes, it is expensive but lasts a LONG time and holds up really well for advanced freestyle tricks. The second choice would be a Miyata, quality. I f you want the longer post, I’ve heard Semcycle XLs work good. But if you want a long time investment, the Wyganowski is the way to go.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t outgrow the frame, eh? :slight_smile:

Ryan’s not that short. You don’t need the seat clamp to be all the way up under the seat, so growing is not a problem. If you wanted to lenghen the frame you could probably send it back to Wyganowski for an upgrade. Since the things don’t come in chrome ( :angry: ), repainting is probably not too hard.

Mine will eventually make the trip to the plater.

tire - frame clearance???

How important is the frame-tire clearance???

I mean… i know that a flat crown is essential but…

What is more important…?

1.- Long neck

2.- Little frame- tire clearance

3.- Others

Check out what they’re riding on One Wheel No Limit (everything under the sun). What’s more important is:

  1. Practice
  2. Practice
  3. Practice

Ryan’s Grandma and Mom told me he spends 6 hours a day unicycling.