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Here’s my newest video:

After about 3 months of riding…

Tell me what you think!

Nice! thats really good for 3 months riding. If you wanted to be technical that one thing is called a body varial, a normal varial is a 180 hoptwist with a 180 unispin from seat in.

after three months of riding… wow your better than me and ive been riding about a year. nice vid man.

Wow thats amazing, at least one of those tricks I can’t do after a year and a half of riding. Good job, keep it up.

That is really impressive for three months. Still working on body varials…

Oh, ok. So when you do a normal varial, you spin the uni the opposite way… and it ends up normal seat out? And thanks too!

ps- I was reading the fourm in RSU on the tires for the LX… would one of the tires mentioned be good for the type of riding I’m doing? Cuz I can get it 20% off at the local bike shop :smiley:

any advice would be helpful… :roll_eyes:

With a normal varial you spin the same direction as the uni. So basically you are only doing a 180 unispin but you are moving 180 too so the uni spins 360 relative to the ground. A varial is seat in to seat out. If you do it from seat out to out then its a small spin or 180/180.

If you spin the opposite direction of the uni like you were talking about it is called an inward unispin. That is harder because the uni is doing a 360 spin relative to your body and it is just more awkward.

Hey thanks. It sounds like a cool trick, but I’m still confused. Video?

And is it any harder than a body varial?

wow ur really good for 3 months

They are both a lot harder than a body varial (for me at least) because they have unispins in them too.

I will see if I can find you some video clips.

Here is a Varial by Shaun.

Here is an inward spin also by Shaun.

In the first one the uni spins in the same direction as his body and in the second one it goes the opposite way.

Thanks a lot.

it says i cant watch it cos its privite. how do i get it to work please i really want to see it.

Oh, lol I found out there was a typo at the end (in my sponsor’s name :astonished: ), so I reburned it.

Here’s the new link: