Freestyle/Flatland Pedals?

I ride freestyle and flat on my Nimbus X freestyle uni. I currently have nimbus venture freestyle cranks with large DX pedals on it.

I am getting some stuff from UDC today, and I’m wondering what would be the best pedals to upgrade to for freestyle and flatland riding.

Twisted PC’s? Are these overkill for freestyle/flat?

Or what about these?

I’m leaning toward riding flatland, more than riding freestyle, if that makes a difference in my pedal choice.

Animals look really similar to the PCs.

I use the twisted pc’s and I love em : ) (I have the same uni) they may be a little overkill on grip, but the grip is nice to have if you need it. I will say, they’re just as big as the DXs though.

I’m not so sure about flat, but for freestyle I use smooth pedals with a softer plastic. Originally I did it for safety reasons when not wearing pads, but I found no adverse effects and actually prefer the ability to slide my feet around on the pedal. I don’t have a problem doing 3-spins on them but maybe I’m just used to it. Though I’ve had a good flat rider jump on my uni and do several tricks on it without a problem.

Some of the freestyle specific pedals are close to smooth, but they seem to be made of very hard plastic that hurts more.

UDC doesn’t carry the type of pedals I’m talking about, but most bikes shops would. Look at the ones on cruiser bikes:

Yeah, but the animals are half the weight of the Twisted PCs. I’m leaning toward getting those for that reason.

BTW, does anybody know why the Animal Hamilton PC’s are half the weight of Odyssey Twisted PC’s?

@justtysen: I seem to be more interested in flatland, so I want pedals that are geared more toward flatland than freestyle. Thanks for the input though.

Animal = weight of 1 pedal

Odyssey = weight of 2 pedals

lol, man I picked em up in the warehouse today, and I couldn’t tell a difference. (friend got a new nimbus II!!)

Thanks, I got quite a laugh out of this! :smiley: I can imagine wondering about the big discrepancy myself.

But there is a 0.7 oz difference, apparently, in case you’re really into lightweight stuff. There seem to be slightly more significant differences between them, though.