Freestyle... exercise bike

Looks like he took some moves out of a freestyle unicyclist’s routine!

Wow, impressive!
It makes unicycling look so unrediculous.

Where do we sign the petition to make it an olympic sport?

This guy should go to normal gyms, and start doing this by random people, would make for funny youtube vids.

Ray William Johnson on youtube talked about this. This probably has to be the lamest sport I’ve ever seen, but apparently people are really into it, especially in korea. Why not ride a real b*ke? or better yet, a unicycle!

When opening the video I hoped to get something more sofisticated… eg to get the “bike” to move as well, some jumps, bike spins etc… that would do something :slight_smile:

Gymnastics just weren’t flamboyant enough, they had to look for new outlets.

Simply amazing … really … no really … I’m sure it is … ? :slight_smile:

It looks dorky but makes me think too about what kind of exercise you could get with a stationary bike.

I don’t usually do the stationary thing but I like to lift weights simultaneously when I do. Squats don’t take up room in the house. Neither do push-ups.

That was surprisingly entertaining. I was trying to get a good look at the logo behind him. It’s like Artistic Bicycling where you don’t go anywhere, and you have to dance. :slight_smile:

And unicycles are cooler because? Be careful who’s glass house you throw stones in. There are advantages to exercise bikes. Climate control, lighting, etc. Not that I’m about to switch sports.

I’d like to see some Street and Flat experts get a hold of that sport. 180s, super-long crankflips (holding the handlebars or seat), how about one-foot pedaling without holding on?

I’m with John…if this is an evolving sport and that guy is a credible competitor…it has a long way to go and there are people who could move the bar waaay up if they took an interest.

Will admit that pedaling real fast while moving your arms around didn’t do much for me though. But…the possibilities are there…


He has much better performance skills than a lot of the technical unicycle riders though with his snappy arm and head movements in tightly choreographed rhythm. And @1:18 he does briefly let go while pedaling one-foot… and posing of course.

Just like every other sport I’m sure Freestyle Stationary or whatever it’s called has its dance purists and it’s trick purists. With special bike setups for each. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Good one!

I came back and watched this again. I’m not all that into his routine but the lid has been taken off the exercise bike and I think that’s great. It could be taken to cool places.

How is it practical, important or “cool”? Who cares, To each their own. He’s not hurting me.