Freestyle cranks?

OK, so I admit it, I’m spending more time doing tricks and less time riding places… mainly due to the limited opportunities at this time of year, of course. At present, I have 110 mm cranks on the 20 inch uni, and can idle confidently one footed, and ride one footed, left foot only. I can ride backwards for a fair distance, idle indefinitely, and today I did a little bit of seat out in front.

So, what cranks would be best on a 20, to do more of this sort of tomfoolery? It came with 125s, so I guess that’s one answer. Anyone else have any suggestions?


many, many people in Tcuc use either 110’s or 114’s.

I have 102’s, and I may put them on my 20" after I grow weary of them on my 26" :slight_smile:

i put 102’s on my Steath Torker and its nice.idleing is a little harder though.

im thinking that 110’s like your riding now might be the best.

112 BE

yeah whatever?

I have 102s now, but find them a little short for my tastes. 125s are probably best for learning lots of skills, as they offer better leverage. Shorter cranks offer smoother pedaling, so they’re better for spinning, some one-footing, etc. I think I will settle with 110s or 114s (probably not much difference between those).