Freestyle Collaboration DONE!

Here is the freestyle compilation/collaboration I started a while ago. Enjoy!

downloading it now, i cant wait =p

although i am a trials rider i have much anticipated this colab vid. its downloading now…ill report back when im done

loved it it was worth the wait…shoulda been longer though.

hehe that was pretty good… and long. I like the part where spencer does that wierd trick and falls. HEHE!

That was kewl when people where watching you too, you put out a good name for uni riderz! Ur getting pretty good. Can you glide? I saw you glide a little but it didnt show much of it.

that was nice =p just wish i had a faster connection than my 256 kb dsl lol

Haha, yeah and its funny how there is one frame of my body laying on the ground that flashes right before.

I can ride much better than that now. I can glide perfectly and can standup wheelwalk minus the mount. I am also a hair away from seat push.

Hehe i remember you tyler from webcam at Amanda’s house :stuck_out_tongue: hehe cool

that wasa great vid! I loved the music and the riding was teriffic

Actually, there are a lot of street style tricks in this video, so i’d say it’s rather not a pure freestyle video any more. But hey, these tricks are pretty cool! Keep it up!

Freestyle rocks!

Wow, that was awhile ago I filmed that… what the heck is up with all the excess hopping?

It won’t play.

I tried in WPM and 5 other media players, it still doesn’t run?

There weren’t street tricks because there was no obstacles. You might call some of it flatland but thats pretty much the same.

Same here.

you didnt rip anything from my gallery! lol

good movie to all who were in. can you glide pretty much perfectly now?

Yea, I have been able to for a long time.