freestyle Coker

I am sure this has been done before but this is the first time I have ever seen someone ride a Coker one-footed. This is Marquise from the Memphis Unicycle Club.


Dang is he getting old! I would never have recognized him!!! My how time flies.:frowning: I have pictures of him when he was but a wee tot.:slight_smile:

I can remember pics of Jagur wheelwalking his Coker.
I’ve never seen onefooting tho.

a friend of mine one footed for 4 miles during a ride when he ripped the pedal out. UDC UK Roger rode most of lap (7 miles) of the mountian mayhem 24hr race one footing as the pedal fell off the beaing shortly after the start. The momentum makes it moderately easy, but it’s very hard to recover from an unexpected bump.

Marquise has been riding for 6 years. I have known him for 5 of those years. Yes, he has grown. We all look up to him. Not only is he the best rider in Memphis, he is about 6 feet tall.

Once you get moving, one footing on a coker is almost easier than a smaller wheel due to the momentum as has been mentioned. Its a cool feeling and lots of fun.

wheel walking…

Beau glides on his coker…

And coker ultimate wheel riding:

Marquise can do anything. Let that be a reminder! :slight_smile:

I wish my stupid scanners worked. I’d post a picture of David Ramos wheel-walking a 40" big wheel at Unicon I. No, not in a freestyle performance, this was about 1:00 in the morning in the dorms…

But on those old hard-tire big wheels, the best trick was always a pirouette. That’s much harder with the grippy tires of today’s 36" wheels. That’s what makes my old 45" wheel still my parade vehicle of choice.

I’ve done a side jump mount on my coker. (as well as 1 footed and perhaps a few other tricks)

I saw video of Jamie (tuna69 or something like) that on youtube one footing a Coker

Somehow I read it as “coker ultimate wheel walking” - now that would’ve been a sight!

oh yeah!
similar to walking a barrel but much harder with the added side-side problem and the small area on which to place your feet, not to mention the huge leverage you would have against the wheel:p

An old one-foot video:

he does hand-WW, 1 ft WW, gliding, weird mounts, etc. Kind of sickening.


I wonder who is going to have the advantage on the hills at RTL…

I think a freestyle 36er video may be in order!

Beau makes it look like you’re supposed to do freestyle on a 36er.

I enjoy one foot-cokering quite a bit! Back when I was riding all the time (my uni has been out of commission for a while), I used to be able to ride with one foot and hook a nice turn and touch the ground with my non-pedaling foot at the apex of the turn, which was a lot of fun!

Here’s a link to coker video I made a while back that shows me doing some one-foot cokering in the beginning of the video:

I just ordered some replacement parts for my Coker from UDC, so I will soon be back in the saddle once again :slight_smile: !

I’m hoping to make a new video once I get back in the groove… it’s certainly been long enough and there are a lot more 36er riders out there now then when I made my first video, so perhaps some of them might like to see a new coker video…

Speaking of Jagur, wonder what’s happened to him? Haven’t seen him post in a wee while. Hope he’s still riding.

Here’s another short one-footing video from last year:

Woodcutter’s Trail, Santa Cruz, 125mm cranks.

Here’s hand WW:


I spoke to Jagur right before Moab, he said that he had only ridden about twice in the last year. His riding partner moved out of town so now Jagur doesn’t have a ride to events or out of town trails.