Freestyle Club

On this forum, it seems like most people are either trials or muni riders. I personally perfer freestyle, and I wanted to get a little freestyle club together where us freestylists can know who to talk to specifically if we have a freestyle question. To join the club all you have to do is put something similar to “Part of the Freestyle Club” or “Freestyle Club Member” in your signature. One more thing, if you join the club, post a quick message in this thread so we know you have joined. Happy Freestyling (and trials and muni to the non-freestylists)!

-Tyler :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was thinking of starting something like this. I was considering calling it IFUT; isolated freestyle unicyclist’s team. Anyway, you can include me in the club!

Freestyle has always been harder to learn thats why people switch to doing trails :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont copy team YAMS or I’ll have to eRape you. RESISTANCE IS USELESS

Sounds suspicous,dont it?

we will settle this with a light sabre fightno just kidden this is good people want to be like us

i think trials is more rewarding on an immediate level, and more impressive to non-uni spectators. i mean a 4 foot drop is more impressive than, say, wheel walking, but it’s imo, much easier.

i feel freestyle is more of a circus feel

freestyle takes more practice and patince .wich i have none of.

tyler count me in i love me some freestyle. i wish i could do trials but i like practicing wheel walking variations more:D


I think it should be called Freestyle Unicyclists Club, because it has a better acronym, look it up.

Freestyle’s okay I like street more. Last night I was one foot wheelwalking okay and glided a bit, I think that will be the extent of my freestyle learning, maybe seatdrag and some technical stuff, we’ll see.


I’m pretty much the same as that. Although there are a few freestyle tricks that I can do, which don’t require much practice - spin, 180 hop-twist, seat in front etc. They’re worth learning, because you can learn them in a short time, whereas wheel walking etc. seem to take people ages to learn.


Wheel walking doesnt take ages to learn for some people :wink:

Freestyle is more rewarding because you can do something that you have learnt, rather than drops, you dont learn drops u just do them.