[Freestyle] Alexis Blanc - Profile

Here’s my latest video http://vimeo.com/13697500

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


That was great! I loved the last trick.

Very well filmed, and you’re an amazing rider too :slight_smile:
That was a cool effect with the focus change on the wheel, and I loved all the coasting!

Thanks guys ! it’s always nice to have comments like these :slight_smile:

This needs more comments, it is an amazing video!

I really love your nice smooth style. :smiley:

cool style. love the mix of crankflips, and classic freestyle stuff like.

This is a really nice video to watch, everything is done cleanly and the filming is top notch! makes it enjoyable. i like the 270 - monkey kick. one of my favourite looking simple combos. :slight_smile:

Good job man :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate!
here’s the youtube link