freestyle advice

I need to move up from my '03 Torker LX 20 in. I want to get a freestyle uni. Can you tell me which one you think is the best $275 and under?
this one is nice. but if you want to spend a little extra, this one is incredible
the longer neck on the unicycle puts the seatpost clamp out of the way of your feet when you are doing wheel walking tricks.

I’m planning on buying the second one as soon as I collect the necessary funds. (Probably six months to a year.) The long neck frame, from what I have heard is great for freestyle, especially stand-up tricks.

If your Torker seat and wheelset are in good shape you can just buy the Semcycle Long Neck Frame and a GB4 Universal Seat Post and use your old uni parts and upgrade later.

You can also buy the Semcycle Longneck Standard to stay within your budget.

My Andrea is riding a Sem Longneck, Miyata seat & post, and Torker wheelset. Someday I’ll get her a nicer looking wheelset.

The Longneck with Kovachi Wheel mentioned by Goatman is a little above your stated budget but one nice setup.

For a muni rider basically just dinking around on a freestyle uni, I’ve found the KH 20, at 215 bucks shipped, to be a perfectly good unit to break my neck.


Actually, the KH freestyle looks like a good buy to me. Not quite the best, but for the price it’s quite nice.

You should get the torker Dx it works great fo freestyle and if you want to do trials or street it works for that to

The KH freestyle would be good for most freestyle, but I don’t think the crown is right for stand-up tricks.

well, no. It wont be ideal for stand up tricks, but I dont think it would be terrible either. Sure, it’s slanted, but theres a pretty big foot patch to work with.

If the sloped crown of the KH freestyle uni doesn’t work well for standup you could wrap a lot of hockey tape around it to level it off.

The Torker Dx is a great uni (from what I heard) but i don’t think it’s ideal for freestyle for several reasons.
1 the frame is wide at the top
2 the cranks are splined, they are great for strength, but they are only available in 2 sizes, 127 and 52mm. Freestylers like shorter cranks
3 the frame isn’t as light as others
4 the frame doesn’t have a long neck so the clamp is closer to the crown

I’d say a good option is to get the sem longneck frame and put it on your Torker LX wheelset. The LX uses a square taper hub so you can get almost any crank length you want for it. If you need a stronger wheelset, look at the fully buit up unicycles using the semlongneck frame on

Hope that helps,

This is the page to see if you want high quality freestyle unis.

been there, done that. get the Torker DX 20" its a better freestyle uni from the get go.

I’m going to put this up one more time to see if there are any other opinions.
For the people that have helped me already, Thx.

The Torker does look like the best deal. Its got alot of very good parts/placement things that makes it look like it would be great for Freestyle.