Freestyle: 20" or 24"

Im looking to buy a new unicycle (I want a bedford one, if I shouldnt get one, please tell), but Im not sure weather to get a 20 inch or a 24 inch. I’m definatly more comfortable riding a 24", but the tire does get in the way alot when I try to do tricks. What do you guys suggest?

EDIT: Also, is there any way I can actually SEE what a bedford unicycle looks like?

Buy both

A trials uni and a 24 " muni are different tools. You really need both if you want to play both games.
I just googled “bedford unicycle”, in google image search. There is a ton of pictures.

no, at least not that i am aware of

get a 20" for freestyle
a lx with a couple of minor changes (tire) is a good freestyle and cheap
bedford is a good option.
custom is also a good option