Freeriding on South Mountain - Phoenix, AZ

I’m a bicyclist, not a unicyclist, but I gotta say I am pretty impressed stuff y’all pull off on a single wheel. I’ll prolly stick to my two-wheeler though.

I was kicking with some of my brethren on South Mountain (Phoenix, AZ) at the ‘Waterfall’ when these two doods came cycling down the upper portion of the waterfall. National Trail on South Mountain is a top mountain biking trail, and it’s technical riding is well known. It’s not North Shore riding, but the boulder formations are pretty amazing, and these guys were making the best of 'em.

Anycow, I shot some vid of these doods, and I thought I share:

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A high-res quicktime version can be found here:Technical Unicycle Riding

BTW, here’s my blog:

d’oh, no embeds here :angry: Drat!

Here’s a quickplaying flash version:

Thanks for the video; Chris is a friend of mine who I haven’t gotten to see much since he moved to Phoenix. Looks like he found some great stuff to ride.

Kewl! Yeah, I think he said came from TX.

That looks like a pretty fun trail. You should try unicycling sometime! Its a really fun challenge if you wanna try something new. And you’ll be the cat’s pajamas or the bee’s knees or whatnot.

National is an awesome trail. I rode there earlier this month when I was in Phoenix.

That looks like a really fun trail. If ever in Arizona I’m going to have to hit it up.

Good to see Chris is still riding. When he posted that he was moving he didn’t sound to hopeful, the last time I herd of him (I only got to ride w/ him once).

His going away video The Labontemizer.