Freemounting: I think I figured it out

I had a freemount breakthrough. Basically the secret for me was to bend at the waist and lean my head forward of the axle.

All of the sudden, it is easy as pie now. Yesterday it was hard.

So, I took the uni down a jeep trail. It was mainly flat, just slightly downhill. Good fun, better than the pavement.

Sounds like you will soon be addicted to MUni. Give in. You can’t escape…

Oh, and congratulations on learning how to freemount! This is probably the greatest thing to learn besides actual riding.

Great, double thumbs-up to you Newtouni!!! --chirokid–

No kidding. Now when I ride I don’t have to make sure a wall or post or car or something is around just to ride. Ahhhh, sweet freedom…

you are a skilled unicyclist but you cant freemount every time?

I’m a “skilled unicyclist” according the the software that runs this board. I started out as a “new unicyclist” then magically was upgraded to skilled. I guess because of post count :thinking:

I am far far from skilled.

dont sell yourself short
being able to ride and freemount a uni must place u in a very small band at the top of the ‘skills’ graph of the human race

yeah, i gather it is post count that increases your ‘qualification’
it might be a subliminal thing
trying to get u to believe u’re allready ‘that’ good