Freemounting a giraffe

My friend got to borrow a giraffe today. He can freemount it about 1/5 of the time, but I’ve only accomplished it once. Does anyone have tips on freemounting a giraffe?

Try this thread,
or this link with a series of pictures,

Good luck!

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Try [U[B][/B]RL=]this thread
Or [U[B][/B]RL=]this link with a series of pictures

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Try this thread,
Or this link with a series of pictures.

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I don’t have any tips on freemounting a giraffe sorry James. When I ride my giraffe I get on on a fence or a post or some sort of perch. People always ask “how do you get on that thing?” so I guess it would be pretty cool to be able to freemount for them, if you are a performer. I’ve seen it done, you just stand on the wheel (which prevents rolling) and climb up like a ladder from there. Theres also the jump mount but I can’t imagine it being easy.

What him say?


Re: Freemounting a giraffe

read this thread
scroll down for duaner’s detailed post on the issue
it’s the most detailed desciption of a raffie freemount i’ve ever read

that thread also contains some demoralising detail of 130 consecutive freemounts
i’ll leave u to dig out the detail by yourself

a search of ‘giraffe freemount’ or ‘freemounting the giraffe’ will get u heaps of threads with advice about the freemount

u know the basics

practise, practise, practise


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BTW, while digging around old freemount threads, i came across a mention of a ‘frog mount’ for the giraffe
search as i might, i can’t seem to find any info on this mount

can anyone explain? :thinking:

Him use Paint and Trixie’s eyelash brush for pictograph:


Get comfortable riding and dismounting first.

Is yours a 5’ or 6’?

Mine is 5’, so I put my right foot on the low pedal while standing on the ground. with the 6’ you’ll start on the tire, then the pedal, then butt in seat.

Position Uni straight up (forward/backward AND left/right). Lean it forward and away from that bottom foot. In my case thats the right foot, so I’m leaning it left.

Pay strict attention to both of the angles of lean. (b/f and l/r)

Pull your pants up like great grandpa, so there is not a lot of fabric in the crotchal zone to get caught by the seat in just a second. If your left leg will be the last on the pedal, (ie your right foot is on the pedal to begin with) put your left hand on the front of the seat. Otherwise its in the way.

Move quick. One moment you’re down, next moment you’re seated. Shabang! Jam the seat home.

If you fail to mount by falling backward, give the uni one or two degrees more forward angle. If you fall to the right, give the uni one or two degrees more leftward angle. (etc.)

Take my advice with a grain of salt: I’m about 8 of 10 successful

that order is important

the three people i’ve helped with the freemount had one mistake in common
all 3 tried to get the second foot on the second pedal before sitting on the seat
tyre, pedal, seat, second pedal, big smile


I always tried to go the the second pedal first, too. The problem is the seatpost is kind of high, and it’s a verrrry old uni and the seat is coming apart. But i’ll try to go to seat first.

when u have your first foot on the pedal, your weight keeps the raffie stationary
while u r in that position, it’s almost as if u ‘swing’ your leg over (the way u’d mount a horse - just with slightly less conviction), and then your second foot finfds the pedal

it’s quite important to get the ball of your first foot right on the pedal so u can generate that extra bit of height to lift u over the saddle

Very good editing here. I forgot to mention that the second pedal is found a split second after butt in seat.

Good catch Gild.

Don’t forget to get the crotchal fabric out of the way.


<wishes I could run outside and try on the giraffe I don’t have>


Re: Freemounting a giraffe

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i am new here, so this is the first time i saw your sig…
brings back some memories - about 17 years ago, i was riding home from
school (lots of snow and ice). i thought to myself, “can i slide this thing
and keep it upright?”
no, i couldn’t.
i laid there for a long time before i could even move.

bob z.

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Bob Zee and any other interested party:
It was my giraffe that broke (yes, I’m convinced – BROKE) my tailbone. Hence, the mantra. Its been 5 months and it still gets sore with too much abuse. Those giraffes kick HARD!:frowning:

Re: Re: Re: Freemounting a giraffe

GILD, the frog mount is when you hold the giraffe upright, set the pedals parallel to the ground, and jump, with both feet at the same time, onto the pedals and then put your butt onto the seat.

(it’s kinda like a suicide, but you have to jump really high…)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Freemounting a giraffe

and people actually land this?!?
any videos?


do u simply jump REAL high to get your feet on the pedals, using your hands on the seat to stabilise the uni and guide the seat between your legs,
do u half-jump, half-pull-yourself-up-on-the-seat?

once u land your feet on the pedals, do u idle seat-out till u can get your butt on the seat or do u go in one move and only attempt control of the uni once u r in the seat?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Freemounting a giraffe

My experience (ltd) on the giraffe has proven to me that putting seat out front is catastrophic. The torque is so huge that the seat is being pulled away with a force of 100s of pounds. Is there a way?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Freemounting a giraffe

I’ve seen Sem Abrahams do it. Not sure if I’ve seen anyone else. I did it from a curb, but was always chicken to commit from flat ground. We didn’t have video 20 years ago when this was going on. Super 8?

You jump up, and pull down on the seat or post to help lift you. You land on the pedals with your legs all bent, looking like a frog. Then you stand up and stick the seat where it belongs. I think this is done without idling, but with whatever pedal motion (a partial rotation) is necessary to keep you stable until you’re seated.

Frog mount.