Freemounting a giraffe while wearing clown shoes?

How do you start by stepping on top of the wheel with those big shoes on?

Don´t ask us.
Ask a clown.

If you have a short enough giraffe you can mount by starting with one foot on the pedal and skip the whole foot on the tire step. A 5 foot giraffe is short enough for people to mount that way as long as your legs are long enough to reach the lower pedal while the other foot is on the ground.

Another option is to start on a raised platform and step from the platform directly to the pedals.

Depending on the shoe, you can probably turn your foot sideways to step on the tire.

It’s pretty rare to see someone in clown shoes riding a unicycle, let alone a giraffe, let alone freemounting a giraffe. Seeing as how you’re wearing the shoes, there should be tons of opportunity for comedy in getting yourself up there!

But first make sure you’re comfortable doing the mount and riding (and dismounting) so you can “play it up” without endangering yourself and your audience.

I talked to a clown a while back. He was riding a 5-ft Semcycle giraffe. I asked him about freemounting with the clown shoes on, and he said it wasn’t to hard, and that he actually had more trouble with the baggy pants he was wearing.

I wouldn’t recommend doing the rolling mount in clown shoes.