Freemounting a coker

I just purchased a coker and was wondering if there are any easy ways to freemount. I have been starting at the 4:00 position with my left leg and basically jumping up and pulling the seat up under me. Any tips would be appreciated.

Two things.

(1) This post should go in RSU, not PR.

(2) I dont ride a coker so i cant hlp you. utilize the search feature to find hundreds of tips about it. it is a very frequent topic. it comes up everytime someone buys a new coker.

good luck!

Thanks for the input. I tried the search and dound some tips.

if your still watching this post here is my little input. Put the seat in your crotch as you normally would and put your foot on the pedal at about 7 o clock ( or 5 ) then lean forward and sort of pull the tire towards you as you get on. Now be prepared to start very slowly or youll fly forwards as i did my first try. When both feet are on pedals just sit still for a second and then start pedaling very slow and steadily.