freemounted today! good videos on technique?

I freemounted for the first time today (started riding June 12)…but can’t find
good visual resources on different techniques. I think what I did was a rollback
mount. All the movies I have found are too small to make out enough detail,
and I’m having difficulty with text descriptions of different techniques.

Suggestions please?


a rollback mount is when you step on the peddle closest to you. step up on the peddle and let the wheel rool back ontil youre pedal is as down far as it goes. while the wheel is going back put youre other foot on the forward most pedal & then pedal forwards.
the other mount you do with out rolling back you have to more jump or lunge forward more than the other


other link------->

the first mount is a rollback mount and the second one is a static mount

download copies of mount tutorials?

Does anyone have the originals of these videos? I’d like to convert them to play on my iPod so I can view them during my riding sessions. I sent Andrew a PM, but not sure when I’ll get an answer.