Freemounted my Giraffe :)

learnt to mount my 5 footer

Hey all, i only got my first ever giraffe about four days ago and i found that, once i had figured out that starting by standing on the wheel was a dangerous and bad idea, i managed to completely teach myself in an afternoon. Since then i can ride one footed, bunnyhop up gutters and stairs, and ride on my stomach. I didn’t find it much harder than riding my normal 20"uni, appart from the height factor which is more daunting if you are trying a new trick. But that might just be me, cya

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 03:13:40 -0500, GILD
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>i wish i’d kept carefull track of the amount of succesfull vs failed
>mounts to see how the ratio changes


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(reposted because it didn’t get through first time)

it struck me as a statistics exercise and with u being the stats guru around here, i thought i’d get your input

would u be interested in running a fr raffie freemounting stats project?
if so, what would u need to know?
stuff like that

Re: Freemounted my Giraffe :slight_smile:

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 03:52:29 -0500, GILD
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>would u be interested in running a fr raffie freemounting stats
It doesn’t strike me as particularly interesting. I only very
occasionally ride a giraffe myself and can’t freemount one, so I don’t
very much relate to the subject.

>if so, what would u need to know?
I haven’t seen much (many?) pertinent data anyway. The few
observations with which duaner started the thread is mainly it. It
might become interesting if we had long lists of all individual mount
attempts from day one, by various individuals, indicating success or
failure for each attempt, and accompanied by relevant details such as
giraffe height, wheel size, gearing, details of rider etc. But that
will not be easy to come by.

What a lot of words to say no!

There you have it.

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