Freemount and dismount 24" uni

A freemount is any mount that is done without holding onto something. A static mount is a type of freemount.

hay alucard i was thinking where id heard your name before it was in a film when i was younger its a anagram of dracula your not a vampire are you

Hey rob1 Gottit in one, I don’t think I am, leastways I wasn’t last time I looked. :slight_smile: My nickname was dracula when i was a kid, and my sister writes backwards, so that’s where that came from.
Funny, I’ve been on here the last hour trying to download another vid. It’s showing the difference between 125 and 150 cranks, though it doesn’t show up all that well now. But I’ll post it anyway

Alucard :slight_smile:

it plays ok carnt really tell the diffrence

umm, that’s what I thought when I played the vid back. :thinking:
But I can say that it did feel as if I was going in a straighter line and quicker too.

still, nice view of Prestatyn beach eh? :o

Alucard :slight_smile:

I’ve seen different sorts of freemounts, a lot being at the 3 and 9:00 positions. I’ve been working on it at the 6:00 position (and seeming successful) as I notice the wheel has little chance to move around when I hop on. Is there really a difference or benefit for mounting with the pedals parallel to the ground rather than vertically?

There’s not that much difference. It’s a good idea to learn both mounts eventually, but for now, just do what works.

Most people find it easier to do static mount in 3 and 9 position because it’s simple – not many moving parts – and it gets you rolling forward quickly, which makes it easier to correct your balance and adjust your feet. You just jump on and go. It’s definitely better for muni because a lot of time on the trail you don’t have much room to roll back when you get on.

It sounds like you’re doing a rollback mount. It’s a little harder because there’s more going on. It’s to easy to get stuck in the 6/12 position with all your weight on the bottom foot. Plus you have to do half an idle before you get rolling forwards. It’s tricky to stop the wheel and change directions without falling sideways.

Yeah, It looks a great place to ride. Thanks Alucard for the tip you gave elsewhere for the static mount…think of keeping your foot the same distance from your bottom as you mount…I had thought I had mounting sorted but have started having problems recently. Your tip has put me back on the road to a nice clean mount every time:D Cheers.

Aw. wow, glad I could help someone out.
I’ve had tons of help and tips from this forum, so it’s nice to think I’ve given something back.

Cheers jojoxie :slight_smile:

hi angry i learnt 6 12 first and did it that way for a long time its worth learning 3 9 before you learn 3 9 see which way you hop which foot forward you prefer then learn to mount that way then you can mount straight into a hop if you need to

Hey Alucard!

I should have checked back here a couple of days ago!
Nice video, again!
Nice background music too!

I believe I can see that your knees are just a slight bit more bent with the 125s,
but that’s the only difference I can detect.

You certainly had no trouble at all doing the freemount with the 125s!

You seem to have an ABUNDANCE of wonderful places to ride!
Great job Alucard!

Hi 57Unirider
I had help freemountingcos I was going down a slope.
I felt as if I was peddling faster with the 125’s than the 150’s, and wobbled less.
Maybe the difference is more visable in a muni video, but I’m not that confident to try.
By the way, well done on all that idling (posted on other thread) :slight_smile:
I’ve tried and just can’t get it. My brakes rub on the wheel when I try to pedal backwards. And as for roll-back mount…I am useless!
I am still having a problem not being able to sit in the seat properly.

off topic…sorry strayed from what thread is about. Will post in ‘just conversation’.
See you over there :roll_eyes:

Alucard, do you ride with your knees bent that much all the time? We have our legs much straighter, like we bicycle. I raised my seat because my knees were too sore. It is more comfortable higher, but that leads to a good hop to free mount. You seem to just step up. Comments anyone?

HiYoung at heart
At the beginning of the vid, I am freemounting on a slope so my back leg is very bent. I tend to use the cranks at 150 length most of the time so that is the height the seat is set at, so when I change to 125 I keep the seat the same. On the vid taken on the flat I do have to ‘launch’ myself a bit. When I put the 125’s on and ride that makes my knees aches, you’d think it would be the other way around, because my knees aren’t bending as far :thinking:

If you follow the you tube vid to look at the ‘20 llandudno’ clip. What do you think to my legs there? Does anyone else think my legs are too bent and maybe I should lift my seat a bit higher?

ps. I’ve spent ages trying the roll-back mount and I get no-where near it!!!:frowning:
I guess so long as I can get on one way, that’ll do for now:)


i was thinking of lifting my seat a bit my legs kill after a short time and i was thinking it could be the seat is too low alucard i learnt the rollback mount first i never use it now iv got a 24" only on my old 20" i found the 24 too big to do it on that might be why you find it tricky

Does that mean that you don’t roll-back on your 24"? If so, what mount do you do?
I’ve just re-read your post and you do 6-9, isn’t that a roll back? I’m getting a bit confused. :thinking:
re leg ache.
My legs/knees only ache with the shorter cranks. When I cycle with the longer cranks I am fine, I just run out of steam because I am unfit. :slight_smile: :angry: :slight_smile:


sorry i ment i mount 3 9 normal and 6 12 rollback i should have looked at the clock 3 9 is how you do it on your video maybe im just unfit as well and a little thick :smiley:

Hee, I’m unfit and more than a little thick :stuck_out_tongue:

No riding today :frowning: and my legs are aching cos they feel sorry for themselves!

ooooh, funny thing happened the other night, just remembered it…

totally off topic bit coming up, but read on…

You know when you were a kid and you’d go on the tramplolines at the fair :sunglasses: . Then when you got home and went to bed, you’d try and sleep but your body still thinks you’re on a trampoline?
Well, after last Monday’s longest ride ever by me, I was like that :o Couldn’t get to sleep for ages:(
Felt really weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Snap! I know that feeling well, especially since starting to unicycle. Maybe I’m buzzing after having deluded myself into thinking I’ve made progress! :wink: Good work on the videos Alucard! I stupidly overestimated my recovery from flu and attempted to unicycle last night, so consequently I’ve been couch-bound and coughing furiously for most of the day…no unicycling for me either-maybe tomorrow!

Hi Bibblesquash
Glad you like the videos. I’m still learning how to do videos to ‘you tube’. I think I’ve posted something and I end up losing it in cyberspace.
I may have a go at trying idling and hopping on grass, less serious knocks when I do fall off :slight_smile:

Are you spending your couch time looking at uni vids on you tube? If so, also try typing in monocycle in search, as there a lot of good uns under that heading.:smiley: