Happy birthday usa

You just got that much cooler…

Fun in the Sun in the snow in the USA in the summertime

Hope that’s a flat saddle!! :smiley:

need that like button!

We’ll have to remember that one for Klaas Bil’s “best pictures of 2014” thread at the end of the year.

I was okay with the photo, thinking you’re riding on sand… (we have white sands around parts of the Great Lakes.) I like the idea of freedom …but then it hit me… maybe that was… snow!!! Brrrr…

Cool! (I mean, really, Really CooL! : )

Oh, Please.
I’ve only just eaten. :astonished:

It’s only just nudity; and the bits you might find most disgusting aren’t even visible.
It was posted something like 14 hours before you ate.

Sorry, I should have issued a joke warning.
Here in the UK my post would have be interpreted as humorous. :smiley:

Please correct me… but if one has albino pigmentation… uh… don’t you have to watch out for direct sun on skin…

Or… maybe use of sunscreen would take care of over exposure… If that is the case I would really like to know what sunscreen is being used 'cause I would use it too.

One last comment… I think I’m around the same age as Mike, but my body doesn’t look anything like that. Perhaps if I learned to ride our sand dunes that might help (oh… and maybe… maybe… as an extreme measure… cut back on the cinnabuns) :wink:

Mr. Mike…I laughed and said “COOL GUY”
Wife said “Whoa, that guys a stud, why can’t you be more like him”
I hate you :slight_smile:

Brings new meaning to “White on white”. :smiley:

Enjoy the freedom and stay warm! Or maybe it’s already warm except for that stuff on the ground?