freecoasting unicycle hub

does any1 know where i can get one or tell me how to build one?


I’ve seen one made with a Coker Wheelman penny-farthing hub (expensive). A couple of people have apparently made them using front wheels from big tricycle things (“green machine” I think they’re called).

It would be easy enough to make a freewheeling mini giraffe/penguin with a normal bike hub.

They’re extremely hard to ride though - not really anything more than a novelty.


Kevin Jones seems to have figured something out…the video’s from his myspace, hit him up…maybe he can steer you in the right direction. Not a uni, but same concept. Keep in mind that he has super-human balance(really.), so it prob. won’t be as easy to ride as he makes it look. Be nice when you write him, he’s a legend in the sport. good luck!

I’m interested in this as well.

i remember i vid somewher of a guy on one

I can’t remember if the guy that made the motorised unicycle posted instructions about how to build one or not, but the hub in one of those would probably freecoast.

Disregard what i just said, i remembered that it’s probably just a motorcycle hub.