Free weekly entertainment on our group rides (plus other stuff)...

Last week another young guy turned up to our weekly ride. I found out his dad’s an acrobat but he was in Japan performing last week. This week he turned up and did some really amazing stuff, and the good thing is he’s coming next week too. I’ll take heaps of photos then.

He apparently hadn’t ridden for ages, but showed us some seat drags, impossible wheeling, pirouettes, and heaps more. His son had told him about a guy in our group who could hop all the way over the basketball court in one hop. The amazing thing was that Mark could actually do it (in a very different way of course). He pedalled up, stopped, bent forward and placed his hands on the ground, went into a handstand position, walked on his hands across the basketball court while still ‘on’ the unicycle, and continued riding along! He also did some idling with his wife on his shoulders and his son on his wife’s shoulders. And then rode along with his son standing up in front holding hands with his feet on his thighs…that looked pretty cool. Then he did a handstand on top of a rail, and much more! It was great.

Back to our group in general though. We tried out a bit of unicycle jousting today! It’ll be that plus sumo wrestling next week. James can now hop on the spot, Gary can kickup mount, Jemba can ride backwards, and I’ve made some still standing improvements.

I found that the two main things that helped with my still standing were (or are) looking at a fairly distance fixed point, and holding my arms out wide. Today I went from 5sec to 10sec.

It was another great group unicycle ride.


I forgot a new skill I learnt today. You should try it, it’s really run. You go from jogging along with the uni in front straight into one foot riding with the other leg extended. Can anyone tell me a name for this skill?


Hey Andrew, isn’t it great when you are out riding and people come out who have ridden before and give it a spin? They always seem quite happy. (although I have yet to have a return customer, oddly enough)

The skill you speak of is listed in the USA’s Official Competion Rulebook

#201 ©
rolling mount to 1ft ext

Thanks, I’ll have to download a copy of the rule book.