free Video uploading sites

Hey, where can i upload large video files?? i dont wanna use youtube cuz it have bad quality and its hard for pepole to download them… thanks - - - - and i think, 'nuff said.


rapidshare :stuck_out_tongue:


glad you like it. :smiley:

I don’t :wink:

Thanks for that! :smiley:

LIVE VIDEO try that its pretty kool but I still use you tube I like it see the main people fight it out fore the most views and stuff

we are still working on a comfortable html frontend that also allows big´ger files without any trouble. Actualy I only can offer you ftp upload if you contact me by pm.
I hope that the upload Frontend will be ready before the end of the month.

Now that i use it, its not that good. it make the quality crappy, and can only Download in MP4 formats…

I have no clue what a ftp upload is.

Really? I’ve found that the quality is alot better than most. Hmmm, oh well.

If the video is as big as you say you will have trouble finding any site that will want to put it on, there are limits on these sites for a very good reason.
Quality can be effected depending on which sit you put the video on as some change the properties of the video to fit into their site.
Vodpod and unicycle tv both have the best quality videos that I have seen, unicycle tv has some very good quality videos available for download and thats probably how you’ll get the best quality, although the file size will be so huge who’s going to wait that long to download it all.
The only other way is to get your own hosting and put it on your own site/server.

Thanks bungalistic for your kind words :slight_smile:

We will start to bring more stuff online in 640x480 High Quality or bigger after the relaunch (which still takes time based on technical reasons).
Big files are not easy to handle with HTML upload frontend but Html Frontend will be the best solution for all of you to upload very easy :smiley:
If we fixed that possible trouble while uploading big files, we will provide the link to the upload page here and up from them there will be a open stage for your videos. We will convert them after you upload and bring a lot of that stuff in the Channels of UTV but your uploaded file will be availiable directly after you upload it and you also will got a link to post it here.
That service will be free as always on UTV.

I think a lot of how to prevent uploads like that stolen defect. What did you guys think about the Plan to open the upload frontend only for veryfied Members ? (I still had to discuss that with Gilby) I generally dislike restrictions but i also dislike whats happened with Defect and so I thought that using your accounts will be less trouble for all of you and a step more protection.
Please let me know what you think about or if you have other ideas to prevent shit like that. At least we have the big advantage that we are small and able to delete stuff inner seconds :smiley:

I think you’re right to impose some restrictions on it and why not do it by using your username from these forums, keeps it all neat and together.
Hopefully this way people won’t upload pirated copies of official videos but we will start to see much more content and a lot more videos from people who use these forums.
Looking forward to the changes you do bring anyway.

Here we go.