Free Video Tutorials


I am a fireworker and juggler but also do a very little of unicycling.
on our page we have a big collection of more than 1000 videos with juggling, poi, acrobatics and new now a little bit of unicycling also.
as most of the tricks are not named yet and desribed how to do it right, we would looking forward for some international help. it can be done directlly in the textbox under the movie.

for a look just go to there down on the left write for example the number 1665 in the box (tutorial quicklink) and press enter.
we also would like more unicycling tricks of all kinds. if there will be more moves we can do an own category therefore.

the side right now is in german but the tutorials are for a part in english already. in the next month we will make them all in english too as we got a lot of international visitors (each day more than 3000 tricks are seen).
if someone wants to join the tutorials with his/her tricks there are infos in the international part of our small forum for the tutorials or just write here.

have fun SAM