Free Unicycle

I am VERY new to unicycling and my friend let me borrow his for a little bit.
I need one for when he goes off to college. I just need a simple 20 incher or bigger for free because my parents won’t buy me one. I don’t really care what brand it is, it could be nameless.

BTW, I live in California, USA.

Thanks guys.

Well I would give my torker to you but I dont know. I told someone else that they could have it, but you seem more resonable. Ill have to think it over. How about, A BATTLE TO THE DEATH???

haha. that made me lol.
but thanks anyways, even if you can’t give it to me.

Haha, maybe you should have them both write a paragraph on why they deserve/or would appreciate the gift of the unicycle. Have a poll so everyone here can vote as to who is most deserving. :smiley:

ummmm, that actually sounds like a good idea. But i think i would lose cause i’m so new.

i doubt his friend would do it.

Think again. If I were giving one away that is why you would WIN.

time to bribe parents. Tell them you’ll clean your room all the time. And that you’ll do the washing up every day!

Or just talk about it all the time.

I hope you manage to find one! People who want to learn need unicycles.