Free Unicycle Stands

We have many of these that need to find a good home. Free but please pay for the shipping.

Email me at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.

how much is the shipping?

are they in the united states? because i dont want to pay for the shipping anywhere out of here

I am interested

Got Zach covered through email.

Veronica - email me a zip? bruceedwards at verizon dotnett

vuniw: Yep, in the U.S. I just checked cost of shipping one or two stands to Ontario, Canada and it was $14.00. Doesn’t make for a very good deal, does it? I wish there was another way. Someday, we’ll beam everything around and it’ll be easier. :slight_smile:


how much would shipping be to 91941?

if its free…“theres a line”

How many would you like?

Nothing’s really free, is it? :slight_smile:

how much would shipping be for 3?

how much would shipping be to canada because i want one postal code is T4N 4J7


Shoot me a zip code and I’ll check it out. My zip is 61068.


I just checked for someone else in Canada and the shipping for a package under five pounds is $14.00 or more.

:astonished: never mind then


Holy Cow Free! No Way!

keep shitty posts like that in MR where it wont be a shitty post.


do you still have any left?

please keep this a family forum, I like it that way

thats really nice of you to give them away for free… I might want one if you don’t get rid of them w/in a week, but I don’t REALLY need one

will they fit any uni? cause i just bought a Koxx-One 19" Devil wich i’m so stoked about lol but anyways just wondering how much shipping would be to L4N 6H9 Barrie, ON Canada… thanks

sorry never mind i got a free stand from will at division 8 wich was great cause i wasn’t expecting anything but a unicyle lol.