Free Uni-clipart and animations

Does anyone know where I can get some free clipart of unicycles either plain clipart or animations? I’m designing a website for our club and am having trouble finding some. I see many users in this forum with some neat things. Where do you get them or are you that creative???

Not that my own web site is a good example, but I recommend avoiding clip-art on your site. Use photos instead, even if you put in some small ones cut into interesting shapes.

Somebody used to have a collection of little animated unicycles online, but even if I knew where to find them I would recommend you not use them on your site. It took me a real long time to convince John Drummond to clean them out of Actually there still may be one or two of them in there…

i work at a sticker place where we have a few cheesy unicycles and unicyclers. I am conveting programs right now so they will be on soon.

i found this on the internet but i cant get my vector sticker program to work, soon to come!